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How To Use PayPal On Amazon To Pay For Your Purchase

How To Use PayPal On Amazon To Pay For Your Purchase - Make a Living from Home in 2017

Like most of us know, Amazon’s checkout system has a big minus; it does not allow PayPal payments. Why? Because Amazon and PayPal are competitors of one another, and this causes great inconvenience for consumers, and for eCommerce entrepreneurs that are using the dropshipping model.


However, while doing some research about why Amazon does not cooperate with PayPal, I stumbled upon a solution that allows you to use PayPal funds to pay on Amazon.com. First, let me brief you on why it is such an inconvenience to do business with amazon without the PayPal option.

Why You Want To Use PayPal For
All Transactions

It is especially frustrating for dropshippers to not be able to use PayPal for their transactions, and I am now going to explain why.

When customers are purchasing items from your eBay listings, your own eCommerce store (Shopify or WooCommerce), they are using PayPal to process their payments. When dropshipping, you can then use the PayPal balance to order the product from the supplier/wholesaler, and ship the item straight to the customer. You do not need to use your private funds.

Or, this is almost true…in the beginning of your dropshipping journey you actually have to use your private funds because PayPal is holding your money until you provide a tracking number, plus some extra days after that, so it seems. You can read more about this issue in my prior blog post:

Things They Are Not Telling You About Selling On Amazon and eBay

When dropshipping from Amazon, you have to use your own, or company’s credit card, and therefore be out with your own/your company’s funds. Also, Amazon only pays out every 14 days, which makes it even more difficult to use the monies from the customer’s actual purchase.

How To Use PayPal On Amazon

This is an easy trick really. You go to Gyft.com and then you purchase an Amazon Gift Card using your PayPal account. You can purchase a gift card anywhere from $5 and up.

After purchasing your Amazon Gift Card, you redeem the code – which you can view right after purchasing the card via the link underneath it – or you can wait on the email from Gyft with the code.

You then copy the code, head over to Amazon.com to purchase your item, and while in Checkout you paste in your Amazon Gift Card code. As simple as that! You have now used your PayPal balance to make a purchase on Amazon.


Well, that was it for this time. I hope this blog post was helpful to someone being in the same frustrating position I was in, having to use my private credit card to make dropshipping purchases on Amazon.

I guess there are other ways of going around this and keep using PayPal. If you know another way of using PayPal on Amazon, please share it with me in the comment section below. I would love to learn about it.

In fact, I read online that Amazon may start a cooperation with PayPal in the future after all. I think that would be a good step towards improving the customer experience on Amazon.


Stina Pettersson

Make a Living from Home in 2017
Email: stina@makealivingfromhome2017.com

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