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Why you cannot be friends with a multi level marketing distributor - Make a Living from Home in 2017I just have to share my experience from today, February 25, 2017, and explain why you cannot stay friends with a Multi Level Marketing (MLM) person/distributor.

Today I heard from a prior neighbor/friend (so I thought), who I have not heard from in over a year.

We became acquainted with each other when I lived in North Miami Beach and was out walking my dog, Max.

I bumped into Jenny and her boyfriend Many, when walking on North Beach’s board walk and right into a little event, called the Food Trucks.

This event happens each and every week on the beach (at least so I remembered it). Lots of small trucks with food from different countries are coming to offer a taste for a discounted price. A very nice event.


Trying To Market an Energy Drink With No Free Samples

Jenny and Mandy were selling a type of energy drink at a small, home-made table. I understood that they were not really included in the event, but had taken this opportunity to show off their drinks. Since I am a huge fan of energy drinks, especially Rockstar – the original taste (they should so pay me for this advertising and for me more or less always carrying one in my hand), I approached them and asked them what it was.

Why you cannot be friends with a multi level marketing distributor - Make a Living from Home in 2017I did not bring my wallet with me, so I could not buy one to taste, and strangely enough they did not offer any samples. Not the best marketing strategy to me that have been managing several exhibitions/shows and know that you have to be able to give the customers a taste of what they are getting. People do not like to buy blind folded.

After talking for a while, Jenny asked me if she could pass by my home with some samples of the energy drink, and I accepted. I thought it was very nice to offer me samples the day after, since they did not have any at the event.


There It Came – The Most Famous MLM’s of
Them All –  Amway

When Jenny came the next day she brought a whole package with different tastes, but she told me I had to buy them to try them out. I said: “But were they not samples? Or can I at least try one, so I know how it tastes and know if I want to buy?” I am very picky with energy drinks. Most I can not drink because they are too sweet, too chemical tasting, or too sour, but Rockstar is perfect for my taste buds.

Why you cannot be friends with a multi level marketing distributor - Make a Living from Home in 2017She explained to me that unfortunately they did not afford people trying their products and that they just had a very small inventory to offer. She went on telling me that she, and her boyfriend Many, had started the well known MLM company, Amway and that the drinks were from them. Oh boy, I thought to my self.

I already had bad experiences with another MLM company, Nu Skin, that I actually tried to become an independent distributor with. I tried really hard making that business happen, but was not successful and lost about $1500, which I could have used for something better.

You Can Read About My Journey with Nu Skin Here

I knew how intense people get in the beginning trying to recruit and get their organization started. Of, course the “BIG speech” started and she went on and on about how amazing Amway was and how she knew that I would be perfect for this business model. With my marketing skills I would do great, she told me.

If you are new to my blog I have years of experience with online and print marketing, and am also running a smaller marketing/web design company, Face It Design & Marketing. 

If You Would Like, You Can Read More About Me, and How I Came Across the World of Affiliate Marketing.

I thought that she was a sweet girl that I would want to get to know more, not having that many female friends in Miami yet, so I accepted to join her to the house of the founders of Amway. If they were not the actual founders, it was one of the Diamond couple I suppose.

When we came to the house I got the feeling that everything was so “planned out”. They take people to this big, fancy house in Kendall, Miami, to show off and say: “Look! this is how good it gets if you join Amway!”.

They served champagne, while one guy was going through the business model with me. It was difficult to understand what he said with his bad English (everybody were talking Spanish, which is a common phenomena in Miami) but I looked at the images to follow. The fact that I had been involved with another MLM company earlier, made it easy to understand, they pretty much function the same way.

When You Are In a Room Together With Other MLM Peeps, I Always Get the Feeling of Being Recruited Into a Sect/Cult of Some Kind. They Are so Brainwashed With Their Advertising Tag Lines. It Is Almost a Bit Scary. Give Me Room to Breathe!

Why you cannot be friends with a multi level marketing distributor - Make a Living from Home in 2017Anyhow, after leaving the house and the “big players of Amway” I told them that I was sorry to make them disappointed, but that Amway seemed exactly like Nu Skin, and that I was done with that.

Like I mentioned earlier, with Nu Skin I invested (like they recommend in order to get a head start) and lost $1500, and I was never going to do that again.

They told me they understood my feelings, and Jenny actually admitted that her family, back home in Spain (if I remember correctly) was very irritated with her to fall for such a scam when she was highly educated. Their reaction made her want to prove them wrong, and she gets my vote. I really hope she will, I just did not want to be a part of it.

I tried to hang out with her a couple of times after this, but it always resulted in some kind of try recruiting me, or get me to buy Amway’s products.

My mom back home in Sweden had a similar experience with a friend that did Amway. Mum was nice to her and bought laundry detergent from her a couple of times to help her out with sales, but then it got too expensive comparing to other (even more efficient) products. My mom told me it was so twisted that her friend had to take it as far as buying Amway’s pasta that was 3 times more expensive, just to keep her account going with them.

That is another thing, the products are often too expensive compared to regular market prices.

Back to Present Time and Why I am Making This Statement That You Cannot Stay Friends With MLM’s

Why you cannot be friends with a multi level marketing distributor - Make a Living from Home in 2017

This noon (my Messenger shows Swedish time) I noticed that I had got a request from Jenny to chat on Messenger. I got happy to hear from her again after so long, and accepted.

To be polite I asked her about Amway and how it was going? Directly, in half a second I got the compensation plan sent to me.

That was when it hit me – she was not trying to say hi and catch up as a friend this time around either – she wanted to recruit me again.


Here is Our Conversation from Today:

Why you cannot be friends with a multi level marketing person - Make a Living from Home in 2017

Jup, there it comes again – the famous compensation plan. That was fast!

Why you cannot be friends with a multi level marketing person - Make a Living from Home in 2017

I am telling her that I am happy for them and am trying to steer the conversation in another direction. But…it soon comes again!

It is also so obvious that the earnings $130K/year, from asking her if they now were Diamonds, is taken from the compensation plan, and is most probably not what they are making in “real life”.

Why you cannot be friends with a multi level marketing person - Make a Living from Home in 2017

Why you cannot be friends with a multi level marketing person - Make a Living from Home in 2017

Why you cannot be friends with a multi level marketing person - Make a Living from Home in 2017

Pay attention to the sudden switch to buying the products when I say I do not do MLM.

She is a good sales woman I have to give her that.

Also, notice that she is NOT interested in what I am doing whatsoever.

Why you cannot be friends with a multi level marketing person - Make a Living from Home in 2017

Now I can not help myself from speaking the truth anymore!

Why you cannot be friends with a multi level marketing person - Make a Living from Home in 2017

I honestly thought she could not be that blunt to try recruiting me again after saying no so many times before, but yes.

Our whole conversation was only about Amway, not any interest in what kind of business I was doing, or what is going on in my life.

Why you cannot be friends with a multi level marketing person - Make a Living from Home in 2017

My response ended our conversation.

Maybe I Was Too Hard on Her, but People That Work With MLM Companies

And why I think it is a sect/cult is that they do not seem to have any other life. Everything becomes about the business and recruiting. They go on all those motivational group meetings and tend to stick together.

I am tempted to think that the reason MLM people is so close together, is that nobody have the energy to deal with them anymore and runs away. Like I said in my last answer to Jenny, I hate to bother friends and family, and make them buy products just because they feel they have to out of pity.

Make a living writing online - Make a Living from Home in 2017

I am Happy to Have Found Another Solution to Make a Living from Home – Away From the Modern Prison (the Office) – and Be My Own Boss.

If you want to know more about my way of running a business selling other people’s stuff, check out my review of the training program to make this happen⇓⇓⇓

Why you cannot be friends with a multi level marketing distributor - Make a Living from Home in 2017

Is the Wealthy Affiliate a Scam or What Review – How to Make Money Online from Home in 2017

Make money online, start your own business with Wealthy Affiliate - Make a Living from Home in 2017

If you have any questions, or opinions about this article, please feel free to leave a comment. Maybe, you are a successful MLM distributor, or you may also have experience of the business model?

I wish you all a successful 2017 with everything you do!


Stina Pettersson
Make a Living frome Home in 2017
Email: stina@makealivingfromhome2017.com

Stina Pettersson - Founder and author to all content on Make a Living from Home in 2017

About the Author

My name is Stina Pettersson. I am the founder of Make a Living from Home in 2017 and the author of the articles on this site. I am originally from Sweden and am currently a business owner to 3 online businesses.

I help people to start their own online business and make a living from home. I am especially found of helping the stay at home parent, or single parents to increase their income.

I hope I will get the honor to help YOU achieving your online success.



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  • my husband is lazy and unmotivated

    I have been checking out many of your posts and it’s nice stuff. I will definitely bookmark your website.


    • Stina Pettersson

      Thank you I’m so glad to hear it!!
      Welcome back anytime and please share your viewpoints on my articles:-D
      I will check out your blog now.


  • Angie

    Hi Stina!
    I thank you so much for sharing your post. I’ve recently been super fed up with these MLM distributors. I’m a fitness instructor who networks with other fitness community members, and you would not be surprised to see and hear how many of these messages I receive in my inbox AND newsfeed (especially newsfeed…. oh gosh). I’ve never been asked by amway, but have been asked for It Works… I know some individuals who are working for these companies actually do have the heart and mind to change people’s lives, but the feeling I’m getting from most individuals on social media is that they’re in it for the money, not to actually help others. It’s heartbreaking for me since I’m actually the type who really has a passion to help. I’m so glad I didn’t fall for any trap since I would imagine I would be the worst sales distributor.

    Reading your post really calmed me down. It’s as if you spoke my mind out. 🙂

    Thank you!

    • Stina Pettersson

      Hi Angie,
      thanks so much for your feedback! I couldn’t be happier than hearing that you felt the post spoke out for you as well, and calmed you down.

      Like you say, these MLM’s seem to be everywhere nowadays!! I get the invites too, not as often as you luckily but well enough.. They are growing in numbers rapidly.
      I do think that people are in it for the money. Those companies are so good at painting the dream picture of achieving enormous passive income if you join and recruit people. However, they don’t tell you how much it takes to do so, and how hard people have to fight for only 1 person to join, while feeding the up-line more money. I don’t like this type of business model at all.

      It’s nice to hear that you are into health and fitness and really care about your customers. Not many do that. Where are you giving your classes? I’m very into fitness myself and have been a professional dancer for 20 years. I would love to come on a class if you’re here in Miami?

      Thanks again for your comment. I wish you all the best, and stay in touch!


  • Maya

    Great example of that kind of business. Been caught into it as well…. Continue your good work in informing the public. It’s always a great helo for real info. ?

    • Stina Pettersson

      Hi Maya,
      thanks for your kind feedback! It seems like almost everybody has been exposed to a MLM company. There are many people trying the business model, but very few that are successful and make money from it. Those that succeed I believe, are mostly those that are lucky getting good entrepreneurs in their down-line growing the organization for them. Or you just have to have a sale personality (pushy and ready to lie to get sales). Not my cup of tea!

      I prefer to make my money in an honest, legit way. Thanks again for your comment Maya.
      Have a great day!

  • Cathy

    I can so relate to your situation Stina. Every once a while, I would hear from a good friend, who is very active in MLM and he would start with the conversation “How life?” followed by “We have a new product called…” and so on.

    Prior to affiliate marketing, I did test out MLM for several months, but the meetings and socializing were very intense to the point where I was going home late and my phone was literally flooding with Watsapp messages, even from people that I didn’t know.

    A long trip away from home lead me to discover the affiliate marketing industry and niche blogging. The revenue system seems to suit my lifestyle better and that’s how I make the switch. It’s been 3 years and I’ve never looked back.

    • Stina Pettersson

      Hi Cathy,

      Thanks for your comment and for sharing your experience!

      Yes the meetings surely get intense. You always left them full of hope to later realize the hard truth with hardly any sales or recruiting. I’m glad that you came into niche blogging and its enormous potential. You are further ahead than me, which is really inspiring.

      Please stay in touch and update me on your journey. I would love to follow.

      All the best to you and your success!



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