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About This Boss

Nice meeting you and thanks for stopping by!

My name is Stina Pettersson. I am originally from Sweden, but now reside in Miami, Florida, since 4.5 years back. I am an affiliate marketer, Amazon FBA seller, eCommerce store owner, web- and graphic designer.

I am also a dancer, which has been my passion for over 21 years. I used to work professionally, but got injured when I tore my ACL in the right knee rehearsing for a show, and 1 year later also tore the ACL in the left knee, so now it is a hobby instead.

I started this blog about a year ago as an affiliate marketer. I have since then been private labeling my own product and sold it using Amazon FBA. I have worked with dropshipping and seen the good and the bad with this eCommerce model. I was recently (January 15, 2018) featured in the e-Book: Affiliate Marketing Secrets – 110 Of The World’s Top Affiliate Marketers Spill Their Secrets To Master Affiliate Marketing Now.  Very flattering indeed.

Where am I heading now? I am moving towards online retail – selling big brand name products on Amazon and eBay – which I am introducing in article:

⇒ eCommerce Lessons Learned – Online Retail Is The Way To Make The Big Bucks Selling On Amazon!

If you are thinking of becoming an Amazon seller, this article (one of my first articles) is a perfect and very comprehensive guideline:

⇒ How To Sell On Amazon For Beginners (2018 Update)

What Took You Here? Let Me Guess!

Since you are reading this right now I guess you are either:

1. Tired of your current job and the dreadful 9 to 5 “hamster wheel”.

2. You are unemployed and are looking for a job.

3. You are an entrepreneur and want to start your own business, but does not know with what exactly.

4. Dreaming of a more flexible lifestyle, more free time to travel and do things you love, but still make a good income.

5. Or you just want to make a living from home – from your sofa, or wherever you feel comfortable.

6. You are a stay at home parent that loves the fact that you are spending more time with your family, but wants to bring in $.

7. You want to sell products on your website, but you do not have a product of your own to sell.

As you are reading this, I hope to be able to help you to live the life you dream of – and while working towards that goal – do so from home together with your beloved family.

How Is Making A Living From Home Possible You May Think?

Let me answer this question by first telling you my story on how I started my journey becoming an entrepreneur and a successful online marketer. Maybe you will be inspired – that would make my day.

How Did I Get Into The World Of
Online Marketing?

For starters, I have a 12 year long career as a marketing consultant behind me from back home, in Sweden.

A good career that definitely helped me reach where I am today, running a smaller marketing agency:Face It Design & Marketing, and 2 online businesses: Make A Living From Home and Get Happy e-Deals.

I was the person that did NOT fit the “hamster wheel” of working 9 to 5, day in and day out. I dreaded to go to an impersonal office environment everyday and just count the hours until I was finally back home again.

I was lucky enough to start my career, after collage, at an IT business where my manager was okay with me working from home, at least 1 day a week. Most of the computer technicians were working from home sometimes, so he could not discriminate.

When moving on to my next position as an international marketing consultant at a dust extraction company, I negotiated this benefit to stay if they desired to hire me for the job. Even though I had a better situation than many other people, I still dreaded to be at the office, having to deal with power greedy superiors and inflexible company structures.

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I was longing to get out of this life degrading cycle! Talk about being “dumbed down” by the system. This “hamster wheel living” is a way for the superiors, who are ruling this world, to keep us under control. Yes, I am AWAKENED, but this is another conversation.

I was also driven to become my own boss, and work from the warm and loving atmosphere of my home. My home is my castle – I love to be home. I just knew I would achieve this, some way or another. It was a goal that kept me going!

My Goal – Have My Own Business And Be My Own Boss

My First Visit Home to Sweden in Almost 4 Years - Make a Living from Home in 2017

Another factor that contributed to me wanting to be my own boss, and work from home, was my babies. I have been a blessed dog owner to four dogs now.

I love my dogs like they were my kids, and I want to make sure they have the best life possible. Most dog people know that a dog is unhappy without its owner and shall preferably not be left alone. At least no longer than 4-5 hours a day.

A regular full time employment demands you to be away from home for 8-9 hours a day, plus travel time back and forth to work.

I have paid so much for doggy daycare during the years as an employee. It cost me hundreds of $ every month to have someone taking care of my precious babies. When all I wanted, was to stay home with them away from disruptions and bad work environments, while also working more efficiently from my own home office.

At my last employment, before becoming self employed, their facilities had mold and unfortunately they never took care of it, so I ended up developing severe asthma from that place. I was constantly sick with the cold flu and other illnesses while working there.

How can you not fix an hazardous, toxic, situation like that?! The irony of it all was that the company manufactures air cleaners and big source extraction systems, and still did not take care of their own people.

We have a saying in Sweden – I do not know if you are using something similar here in the U.S. but it will be translated something like this: “The shoemaker’s kids have the most damages shoe soles”.

I guess the company wanted to save money to every extent and completely ignored this issue. Well, when or if they get sick in the future, they will certainly regret this shortcoming. I got better just by leaving this environment, and more so, after moving to the warm and sunny climate of Florida, I am now healthy as a pee.

Now, I can fully enjoy spending time with my babies; Abigail & Max.

I Dare To Claim That You Work Much More Efficient From Home!

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With no interruptions from coo-workers coming to “chit chat” and drink their coffee in your office because they want to avoid their work duties, or annoying bosses who are up in your face way too often – you can focus on work and get your tasks done 10 times faster.

Do not get me wrong, I am not socially handicapped. I loved coming to work and hang out with my friends, but you can hardly do that the whole day. I also knew that I would see them away from work later.

When running a home based business, you have to be good at meeting people in other situations, or connect with people who are working with the same type of business as you.

I Took The Leap And Started My Own Business Part Time At First

Like many, first time business owners, I did not dare to just throw myself out there without a lifeline, so I started my first business part time at first. It did not take many months until I decided to “jump on the bandwagon” and fully invest my time in my business.

Stina Pettersson - Founder and owner of Make a Living from Home in 2017

In fact, I got some help with the extra push needed to get going, when my employer I had been working for for the last five years, started to feel threatened by my side business, and informed me they would withdraw my benefit of working from home once a week.

Although, I told them from start I was only interested in the position if my benefit of working from home would follow to this new position, they now told me they had changed their minds and wanted me at the office full-time.

They told me the excuse, I found very distrusting, being the employee who was always working with 110 percent effort and dedication throughout all five years – that they could not know if I was working with my own business on regular work hours if I was not at the office.

Mother's Day Flight Deals!

This accusation was incredible ignorant, since I sent a copy to my manager of everything I did when working from home, and always produced more than double of the normal work load to earn this flexibility.

I questioned my manager about this, who even agreed that I seemed to be working harder from home, but that it was the owner’s decision to withdraw this benefit. I raised from my chair, gave my manager and his little watchdog (who was there supporting him when giving me the news) the eye, and literary told them both to bugger off.

I gathered my personal belongings from the office, said good bye to my friends and colleagues, and never returned. My manager and the company CEO got shocked by my reaction. After a couple of days, when going back to return the key, they admitted that this was not the outcome they had expected.

They thought this would make me put my own business a side and focus on my job as an employee with them fully. They surely did NOT know me!

I have a huge drive and am self-confident in what I have to offer professionally. I knew I did a great job with them and that I would be missed, but they decided to treat me unfair, which I cannot accept no matter the circumstances.

But, do I thank them now….OH YEAH!! This was the push I needed to start living my dream.

Here I Am Today – A Happy Business Owner – You Can Do It Too!

Stina Pettersson - Founder and owner of Make a Living from Home in 2017I have never been more happy and satisfied with my life. I decide my own work hours. I am at home with my babies, and can take them on long hikes in different nature parks every day.

I plan my day exactly as I want and depending on work load. This is the way to do it when you are your own boss! I love saying that: I am a boss!

I do not have to deal with inflexible, power greedy superiors, or the workplace bully (admit it – there is ALWAYS someone that is behaving badly and that you just cannot stand).

I love my current job! I love every minute of it, so it does not feel difficult to put in the extra effort needed.

I do not wish to delude you – it does take effort being your own.

How To Get Started Building Your Own Business? Get A Personal Coach!

Personal Coach Stina Pettersson - Make A Living From HomeYes, a personal coach is absolutely the fastest and most efficient way of developing a successful  business online, within the shortest time frame possible.

I will personally help you get started, and will be your support system all the way through, if you so wish. I will help you with everything from building your own website/blog to educating you on the “hidden must know” aspects of affiliate marketing/blogging.

Just hit me up at: stina@makealivingfromhome2017.com.

The path I took to get started – after by a coincidence reading a blog post about affiliate marketing – was signing up with the Wealthy Affiliate University. Their program is good, but a bit expensive in the long run. They charge $49/month. I learn a lot, but since I moved more towards eCommerce, I quit the program after some months.

Many of my early articles promote this program, trying to earn commissions from their Bootcamp. Although, I was never successful with it. It is very hard to sell the program. Maybe because of the too high monthly cost that never gets discounted, even when marketing it.

Like mentioned, the direction I took, during and after the training, is mainly eCommerce. I started my own eCommerce store; gethappyedeals.com, some months ago with my partner, James. Get Happy e-Deals offers the best deals and bargains daily 24/7. Our goal is to provide excellent and personalized customer service.

I feel extra proud to have built the web shop myself. Check it out!

Get Happy e-Deals offers the best deals and bargains online daily 24/7!We are also expanding our business on Amazon – using both FBA and FBM.

If eCommerce spiked your interest, check out my recent article:

⇒ How To Start An eCommerce Business In 2018 – 10 Step Checklist!

Apart from this, I am a very spiritual person. I had my spiritual awakening some years ago, and it gave me a totally new perspective on humanity as physical and spirit beings. There are so much more to life and our existence than we are programmed to believe. If you are interested to know more about this, I would gladly recommend my article:

⇒ Spiritual Awakening And Kundalini Rising – I Am Awakened!

Hope to hear from you. Much love!

Stina Pettersson
Make A Living From Home
Email: stina@makealivingfromhome2017.com